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Hair loss regime

So far the hair fall has been reduced but there still hair falling after I waha my hair and blow dry it.. hopefully in few more months it will improve more

Cleans your hair well but scalp becomes dry

We need to apply serum in the might else the hair fall doesnt stop. If we use it regularly, it works well

I got my product very good result on the first day use

Very good product and very good result on the first day use

Customized Hair Care Regimen For Dry Hair | Oily Scalp & Wavy Hair With Saha Booster

Hair fall problem and new baby hair growth . I'm so satisfied

It's was so great it stopped my in one week
And started new baby hair so many


It’s just a week I’m using Vedix. Let me try first at least a month then I’ll get back to you
Thank you


I am using vedix since last one year its amazing product.

Vedix products review

I have only used it once, but I can see a slight difference. When I remove the rubber band from my hair every morning, no hair comes out with the band. I hope for more improvement in the next few weeks.

Hair is soft and tangle free
Reduced hair fall

Roha Rosemary Essential Oil
Sejal Singh

You should get thism its so pure!

Vedix hair oil

Good 👍
My hair feel so healthy and shiny.
Need to wait a month for better result.

Tay Heat Protection Hair Spray
Mrinalini Thakur

Essential! Love how I don’t have to go to the salon so often!

Love the non-sticky texture

Snihith Hydroburst HA Face Serum

Dry and chapped skin no more with this!

Super smooth and spot-free skin in weeks!

Tay Heat Protection Hair Spray
Shreya Krishnan

Obsessed! Tames frizz, adds shine, perfect for effortless styling.

Snihith Hydroburst HA Face Serum

Ultra glowing skin and smooth texture

Tay Heat Protection Hair Spray
Fatima Begum

Must-have! Nourishes and protects.

Snihith Hydroburst HA Face Serum

Super texture and even application